Engine Diagnostic Service & Brake Repair in Petersburg, VA

DiagnosticsWhile many mechanics rely on just their senses to determine the extent of a repair in Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, Chesterfield County, and Prince George County, VA, Young’s Foreign Car Repair takes it a step further. Using state-of-the-art diagnostics, our professionals read your car’s engine to determine the exact nature of the problem. Then, using our decades of experience, we apply the right solution swiftly and completely. From brake repairs to oil changes to engine replacements, we’ve got you covered.

Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Not getting the fuel economy you once did? Problems with stalling or your power stroke? Engine issues can be hard to diagnose and qualify without the right data. Our team uses comprehensive engine diagnostics to determine what’s ‘off’ about your engine’s function and what can be done to set it right again. We save our customers time and money by thoroughly assessing the data before getting to work.

Brake Repair

Check Engine Light Code Diagnosis

If your check engine light clicks on, it’s important not to waste time in seeking out a mechanic in Petersburg, VA. Using OBD codes from your car’s computer, we read the error codes responsible for triggering this light. This allows us to see exactly what’s going on with your vehicle that needs fixing, from the engine to the exhaust system, electrical troubles to mechanical failures and beyond.

Brake Repair

Electrical System Analysis and Repair

Problems with your auto electrical system don’t take long to make themselves known. If your headlights are dimming, your radio has stopped working or you’re having trouble starting your car, electrical problems are likely to blame.

Young’s Foreign Car Repair takes the time to troubleshoot electrical problems to narrow them down and get them fixed. We check for grounds and shorts, examine wiring, check fuses and more, while also paying close attention to the bigger players of this system, such as the battery and alternator.

Brake Repair

Airbag/Antilock Brake Light Code Diagnosis

Airbag (SRS) Light: Ignoring dashboard lights is not as uncommon as you think. You should never procrastinate if your air bag or “SRS” light comes on. An illuminated air bag warning light can mean a number of things, but the most important thing to know is that your air bag won’t deploy. Bring your vehicle to Young’s Foreign Car Repair to have the problem diagnosed, which consists of an auto technician accessing the car’s computer system.

Antilock Brake System (ABS) Light: If your ABS light turns on, especially if it corresponds with a noticeable reduction in brake performance, shaking, or brake squeaking, then you should stop driving immediately and book a mechanic to diagnose the issue for quick and safe brake repiars. There is likely an issue with the entire brake system.

Getting Repairs Done Right

Gathering and interpreting diagnostic data regarding your vehicle is what sets Young’s Foreign Car Repair apart from other mechanics. For a thorough, calculated approach to brake repair and more, contact us and schedule an appointment with our shop today at 804-861-5609.