April 28, 2024

"I have been satisfied for years!!! 100% quality work!!! Very knowledgeable!!!! Trust me they will save you a lot of money and yet still provide solid mechanic work on any vehicle!!!!_—Lamont"
November 10, 2023

September 13, 2023

"Have been taking multiple vehicles here for over five years. Very good/honest shop."
May 25, 2023


"I had taken my car to the dealer for a check up and tune-up. I started having problems not too long after that, I took it back to them. I had to pay for them to look at it and tell me what they thought it could be. I paid $700 and was still having problems with the car, not wanting to start. I took it to Young‘s, and Eddie told me that he couldn’t tell me what was wrong unless it was happening he allowed me to leave my car there, and when he got a chance, he will see if it would do it while he had it and wouldn’t charge me until he figured it out. I gave him a lot of options on what I thought it could be and was willingly to pay him because the car had been sitting for about 6 months. He said he it will cost me a lot of money trying to guess at what the problem was and he couldn’t do that and suggested I leave it with him. He found out what the problem was and fixed it in no time!!! Thank you again, Sir!!"
January 22, 2023

"Eddie and Mr Young are simply the best in Virginia Randy Posey"